The Wild Collective

A women's health program that will transform your body, expand your knowledge, and grow your community.

You don’t have to go it alone. You were never meant to.

The Wild Collective

Thomas Edison famously said that, “the doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” Well, I’d like to add to that: the doctor of the future is you, the patient. And community is the missing medicine.

Enter, the Wild Collective: a 10-month women’s health program, focused on cultivating community, turning healthy living into a lifestyle, and connecting like-minded women to help each other to reclaim their wild. The intention of this program is to create a health community of empowered women who will learn to connect their physiology to their intuition and experience the magic of soul-nourishing connection in order to transform their health.

I noticed a need in my patients for deeper connection and greater community, which is the highest mission of The Wild Collective. Founded on the basis that sisterhood is uplifting, supportive, safe, and ridiculously fun, our group program understands that community is essential to our well-being. We are wired for connection and thrive when we have it. We need each other to find power in our health and live a more meaningful life.

We need community and support today more than ever.


I get it—it’s a tough world to navigate right now, and making decisions about where you go and who you see can feel hard. That is why I am thrilled to be able to offer this experience virtually, from the comfort & safety of your home.


Education empowers you to take control of your health and commit to important diet and lifestyle changes. It is a foundation and requisite of my 1:1 visits. This program covers everything I wish my patients knew about their bodies when they walk through my doors for the first time, in order to make the most of our one-on-one time together, and to be able to make informed health care decisions.


You will receive handouts and set health goals to work on between sessions, while being supported by a group of women who celebrate, collaborate and elevate each other.

Find Your Sisterhood, Reclaim Your Wild

'Wild': Breaking free of the archetype of being all things to all people at all times.

Deeply intuitive and connected to ONe's authentic, feminine SELF.


Reduced COST

This community program covers so much knowledge in ten areas of women health. There is absolutely no way I could deliver all this health information to you in a one-on-one visit without a large financial investment (20 hours with an ND costs nearly $5000). 


Something magical happens when we surround ourselves with like minded women who value their health. To feel heard and accepted is healing. The power of a group can help motivate and transform your health in ways that flying solo can't.

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Healthcare done different

I knew my patients needed more than what I was able to provide in one-to-one visits. And who said the only option for health care needed to be sitting alone in a room with your doctor, anyway?

The thing is, so many of the women I treat struggle with similar concerns and yet, we all feel alone in our struggles. 
So many of us are tired, over-extended, and putting ourselves last. Today’s world has conditioned us to live in our masculine energy most of the time, with busy-ness and productivity as a badge of honour. This leaves us out of touch with our innate, inherent power of female intuition and inner wisdom that honours rest, reflection and connection. When we don’t honour this part of ourselves, we feel stressed, unbalanced and unfulfilled.

Diet, stress management, sleep, and movement are the foundations that make or break our health and you cannot supplement your way out of poor choices here. One of the biggest pieces that was missing in what I could provide my patients in a 30 or 45 minute follow-up appointment was community & connection - social determinants of health. 

Social health includes our relationships and our sense of connection and community. Without these, our health suffers big time - it’s a major form of stress. Did you know that loneliness may be a bigger risk factor for your health than smoking or obesity? 

Are you taking care to avoid smoking, eat all the kale, exercise, and go to bed early, but you’re neglecting your relationships and avoiding deep conversation and connection (I get it, it can feel scary)?

Many of my patients have expressed a feeling of loneliness, even if from the outside, their relationships and social life seem abundant. Having healthy relationships doesn’t necessarily equate to feeling and being connected.

The safe space we create in this women’s circle can accelerate your personal growth and have positive offshoots in so many areas of your life, the point being to create more joy and fulfillment as you begin to show up in your life as more authentically you, going after your unique desires and purpose.

This program is my answer to providing a more cost-effective way to access my care, give you with the information you need to take charge of your health, and a community to support you along the way. Health care offered in a one-on-one fashion is essential for individualized care, however, lasting health transformation is achieved when we incorporate community (and it is a lot more fun).  

You don’t have to go it alone. You were never meant to.

I know I need this medicine. I’m right there with you. Sisterhood facilitates transformation. Learn to stand in your power, trust your gut instincts and intuition, gain clarity on your purpose, and take bold action in your life. 

Will you join me?


Not sure if you're in the right place?

If you crave to understand your body better, want to feel empowered and
self-advocate with health professionals, and are seeking a collective of women who
have your back to succeed in your goals, The Wild Collective is for you!

Meet your power, own your story, connect with your intuition, and discover the
magic of the divine feminine.

Join other women in a revolutionary women’s health group program, where we
learn to become empowered in our bodies, make meaningful connections with
other women, and make way for our wild, truest self.
Sound like something you're into? Let’s get you feeling like the badass woman you are.


Here's How It Works

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The Curriculum


- Our group will meet virtually once per month for 2 hours.
- Each session includes 1 hour of health curriculum and 1 hour of sharing, relating, and purposeful discussion.
- You will receive handouts, set health goals to work on between sessions, while being supported by a group of women who celebrate, collaborate and elevate each other.

The Wild Collective will cover an extensive women’s health curriculum that focuses on these ten main areas:

Your Menstrual Cycle:
- Learn and understand your monthly hormones and cycle and how you can actually use it as your superpower. We cover common concerns spanning from PMS and menopause. Not menstruating? No problem, we chat about how you can still use cycles to tap into this power.

Your Detoxification:
- Learn how your body detoxifies and how you can best support it. Become educated on typical market detox claims so you can be an empowered consumer. Plus, learn how you can start taking steps to lower your toxic load with your household and hygiene products.

Your Digestion:
-  Learn all about what’s normal and what’s not for optimal digestion. We also cover how digestion can be linked to our gut instinct and intuition.

Your Thyroid:
-  Thyroid disorders affect up to 5% of our population and are 4-7% more common in women. Learn how to support the health of your thyroid and what labs give you the full thyroid picture. We also cover the idea of speaking your truth and using your voice.

Your Vision:
-  Here we get creative and put your big dreams and goals on paper. We explore the topic of living your mission and purpose. 

Your Stress & Sleep:
- We live in a busy world that values productivity more than rest. Women are more likely to report that they experience significant stress and that their stress has increased over the last 5 years. Learn the impact of stress on your body and sleep and discover how we can embrace our feminine to build resiliency during challenging times.

Your Breasts & Vagina:
- Heck yes, we’re covering this! Gain a greater understanding of supporting the health of your lady parts, including proper screening. We explore the topic of feminine power and pleasure.

Your Brain & Mood:
- Understand the root causes that can impact your mood and cognitive function and the top lifestyle factors you can implement for healthy mood and brain function. We also cover concepts of mastering mindset.

Your Blood Sugar Balance:
- Learn the tools to eat for blood sugar balance, which ultimately supports reproductive hormone balance. We chat diet culture and listening to your body for dietary guidance.

Your Divine Feminine:
-  This is where we put it all together, the science of what you have learned about your body, but also the connection you have made to your intuition and wild, truest self.

The Fine Print
The Wild Collective (TWC), is a community education course for women. There are no treatment recommendations, no supplement prescription, and no assessment included in the programming. We inform you on general health information so that you are able to have informed discussions with your clinician/ health care provider during a scheduled appointment. The Wild Collective clearly demonstrates being a general health information program and where to go if you are looking for individualized care.