Not just for pain and injuries, acupuncture is one of my favorite tools for helping women balance their hormones, have happier periods, boost their fertility, calm digestion, and more. My go-to tool for helping busy women de-stress, improve their mood, and sleep better - if you haven't tried it, you're seriously missing out. 

Acupuncture is self-care:
a conscious act one takes in order to promote their own physical, mental, and emotional health

What is acupuncture?


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is thousands of years old and is arguably the oldest form of medicine still in practice today. It has only been in the last ~50 years that acupuncture has gained popularity throughout the Western world and we are now seeing many different methods or styles of acupuncture in use today. I choose to practice, and am extensively trained in, specifically the eastern or traditional form of acupuncture, which is based in TCM principles. This is in contrast to western styles of acupuncture, such as dry needling.

What to EXPECT

The logistics


I prefer to offer acupuncture only to my existing patients, meaning I require an initial visit prior to recommending a series of acupuncture treatments. This is because I don't know how (nor do I want to) take off my naturopathic doctor "hat". I view this as an advantage of receiving acupuncture through the care of an ND: I ensure all of the bases of western medicine are covered before utilizing acupuncture to augment your individualized and comprehensive treatment plan. Together, we will decide if acupuncture treatments are right for you.

*However, on a case by case basis, I will take on 'acupuncture only' patients. In this scenario, you still require an initial naturopathic consult, however we do a shortened, focused intake, allowing enough time for an acupuncture treatment as part of the initial visit. This must be indicated upon time of booking.

Appointment frequency

When starting out, I recommend weekly acupuncture for 4-6 weeks. This can seem like a big commitment, however it is when best results are achieved. Afterwards, we begin to space towards maintenance visits with the goal of maintaining your original improvements. My regulars swear by their ~monthly acupuncture sessions, benefiting greatly by maintaining visits at least every 4-6 weeks throughout the year, although some can push it as far as 8 weeks without a regression. That being said, research has shown that patients can maintain their original improvements even months after completing a series of acupuncture sessions without the need for maintenance care.

Acupuncture is a treatment that involves the insertion of sterilized, disposable needles through the skin into the underlying tissues at specific points on the body. If you’ve never experienced acupuncture before, it can seem a little scary - especially if you have a fear of needles. But it’s not as bad as it looks - many people find the process extremely relaxing and some even drift off to sleep.  The needles are far smaller than a hypodermic needle, in fact not much thicker than a hair, so that many people find the experience is entirely painless.

All acupuncture visits are up to 30 minutes in duration - plan to arrive on time and allow a little extra time after your appointment to get dressed and checked out.


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What acupuncture's all about

When I first started learning Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), I felt like I was learning a different language. It felt in contrast to my background in biochemistry and western physiology. It is important for patients to be aware that, when I or any other TCM doctor or acupuncturist tells you that an organ is not working properly, we don't (necessarily) mean the function of the organ in the western meaning you are accustomed to. So, if you've been told you've got a "heart problem", just know it doesn't mean you have a western pathological condition of the heart! That being said, TCM is a beautiful language, one that makes sense of the body in a way that I feel western medicine has been unable to explain. So don't let the words Qi, Yin, or Yang get you caught up (unless you want to know more, I love to explain to my patients). Just know that the body is more interconnected than we give it credit for and modern, evidenced based medical research is beginning to show time again how (in modern day medical knowledge) acupuncture works.


Is acupuncture right for you?

The short answer - yes! Acupuncture is so safe and effective, sometimes it is one of the safest choices for those more sensitive situations, including pregnancy, or hot flashes after estrogen-positive breast cancer. Acupuncture can be used to treat any condition, but I find it particularly useful for the following. 

— Pain management - this includes joint pain or arthritis, muscle pain, acute and chronic injuries, headaches, and menstrual, bladder, or pelvic pain 
— Stress management
— Anxiety & low mood
— Insomnia & sleep problems
— Menstrual irregularities & PMS
— Fertility
— Pregnancy - morning sickness, labour prep, and more
— Digestive concerns (Reflux, IBS, constipation, nausea)
— Hot flashes
— Blood pressure management
— Allergies & chronic sinus issues
— Addiction

And more!

Sound like you? Let’s get you feeling better.