Get the support of a Naturopathic Doctor and find a community of real(!) friends in this 10-month women’s health program.

Body Literacy & Sisterhood

“WOW. Simply amazing guidance and support. There were giggles and a-ha moments, some tears, and lots of learning."



But we’re also tired, brain-foggy, underslept, and overextended…

And even though we lead full, productive, privileged lives, we often feel disconnected from our truest, wildest selves. 

And—I’m just gonna say it— we are SO. LONELY. 😢

Put these two together, and you have a lot of women feeling a lot of blah, and no one’s talking about it.

Women are socialized to put themselves last, to not “trouble anyone” by asking for or asserting what we need, and to believe that being a wife & mother is all we should need to feel happy and fulfilled.

So when we’re feeling blah, our first reaction is to talk ourselves out of it—because we don’t think we have any reason to feel that way, we keep our mouths shut. 

And then (just to complicate matters), there are a *lot* of gaps in understanding around women’s health. 

Most of us have struggled for YEARS to find answers to questions like: 

Have you ever struggled with a health issue (physical, emotional, or mental) and been so in your head about it that you felt like you were the only one? 

(This gets even worse when you start scrolling social media and comparing yourself to others, by the way. 👀)

But when you finally DO speak up to a trusted friend or health professional you find out that not only is your issue totally normal and treatable… it’s also super common? 

That kind of relief is palpable.

Well. The first and most important thing you need to know is this: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Now imagine you had a built-in support system filled with like-minded women (and one Naturopathic Doctor, hello!), where you could always access that feeling.

Why can’t I sleep?

WTF is going on with my hormones? 

What do I actually need to eat/drink/do/not do in order to finally feel good?


A 10-month women’s health curriculum that will help you understand and care for your body’s unique needs while forming real, lasting connections with other like-minded women. 



So many of the women I see in my practice are tired and over-extended, putting themselves last, and struggling with a vague collection of similar symptoms they’ve had a hard time finding treatment for. 

Many women don’t even think of their irritability or mood swings, low energy, or low libido as “symptoms” of anything; they just think it’s normal.

(well, it’s not.)

And when women DO seek out treatment for these issues, their new health protocols and self care often just become one more item on the to-do list. 

But to-do lists and our obsession with productivity are how we got here! That go-go-go, do-do-do, masculine energy needs to be balanced with things like rest, intuition, emotion, and self reflection.

And most of us kinda suck at that part right now. 😬

Which is why we need a crew of like-minded women to practice with, make mistakes with, laugh really hard with, and just be honest about how damn tired we are.

More and more women are craving to reconnect with their innate wisdom and wildness. And I’m here to tell you, understanding your body’s physiology and getting yourself back into physical balance is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Are you ready??

What is it? A 10-month group program facilitated by me, Dr. Willow Johnson, ND, with a holistic approach to women’s health & well-being, rooted in the idea that community = healing. 

How often do we meet? We’ll have one, 2-hour virtual session each month. The first half of each session will be more educational, focusing on a specific aspect of your overall health. The second half will be for sharing, discussion, and connection.

How much does it cost? The total investment for the Wild Collective is $977, payable in full (with some sweet bonuses if you go that route!) or in 3 instalments of $327.  Extended Payment plans available.

Just for perspective, one New Patient session with me costs $350, and follow-ups are up to $300 each. 

So 20 hours with me 1-1… I’m not going to do that math. 😄 But it’s a significant savings, which is one reason I’m so glad I can offer a program like this. I want this work to be accessible to as many women as possible. 


This has been a very impactful, informative health learning opportunity. I am so glad I decided to become a part of it. I have loved carving out this dedicated time each month to focus on me and my health. Dr. Willow is so very knowledgeable and the women in the group were amazing and so supportive.

There’s a LOT Of misinformation out there about what detoxification really is and how it works. The Wild Collective will support you to mindfully, gradually gain some separation from the things in your life that aren’t serving you anymore, and how to do it in a healthy, non-extreme way.


Cramps, migraines, fatigue, that feeling where you want to chuck the shopping cart through a plate-glass window… and then there’s the perimenopause to menopause and postmenopause transition. Good times! We’ll look at the physiology of what’s going on here and how to harness cyclical rhythms to get your to-do list taken care of while also giving yourself grace on the days your body & mind needs more rest. 

My Menstrual Cycle

What You’ll Learn

Each month will focus on a different aspect of your physical, mental, or emotional well-being. We’ll be getting familiar with the bts (behind the scenes) of the lab testing that supports our monthly focus so you’ll have the information you need when you’re talking to your doctor or checking out your results in e-health. In between sessions, you’ll lean on your community of new best friends to share struggles, get vulnerable (if you want), and help elevate each other to your bestest, truest, wildest self.

Thyroid hormones affect every cell and organ in your body - especially your ovaries and adrenal (stress) glands. During this month we’ll look at the physiology of this butterfly-shaped organ, including what lab tests make sense for you and how to support your thyroid — and we’ll also explore what it looks like to speak out more and tell your truth.


Understand (and maybe even learn to love) your belly from a scientific perspective, as well as how it feels to listen to and trust your gut. Hippocrates said it best 2500 years ago when he said that all disease begins in the gut. You’ll learn how his ancient wisdom still rings true today while experimenting and learning in a safe, supportive space as you reform your relationship with your core.


Don’t worry; I’m not just going to tell you to “reduce your stress levels” and “get plenty of rest.” We’re going to look at WHY those two things are so hard to do, and work on some baby-step ways to get you where you need to be.


What do you want your life to be? What are your goals and plans? Why are you here? This is most people’s favorite module, because this is where you finally get to dig in and focus on yourself (and ONLY yourself) and what it is YOU really want to do with your time on Earth.


If you struggle with depression, anxiety, bad/weird moods, or have been diagnosed with ADHD (or suspect you have some form of neurodivergence), then this module is for you! We’ll look at the connection between brain chemistry and mood, and what you can do to support your lady brain today and as you age. Yes, that means we’ll be talking A LOT about sleep and how to have more quality sleep through all the ages & stages of your life. 


Reality check: scientists have studied outer space more than they've studied female sexual anatomy and I can guarantee this stuff wasn’t covered in your high school sex ed class. You’ll learn how to take care of your vulva, vagina, and breasts while exploring body positivity, body neutrality, and body acceptance in a safe, supportive group of women whom you’ll discover share many of the same thoughts and feelings about their bodies as you do. 


“Women’s intuition” is a real thing—but cultural norms + the demands of our busy modern lives have severed our connection to our own inner wisdom, leaving most of us in a default state of self-doubt, ignoring or second-guessing that little inner voice. We’ll practice reconnecting to that voice, and learn how to let it take the driver’s seat more often.


Getting to know the ups and downs of your blood sugar throughout the day will make a MASSIVE difference in your approach to your overall well-being. We’ll get you feeling more alive and energized, more of the time, and less cranky, hangry, and caffeine-crash-y. We'll cover many types of therapeutic diets that can be harnessed for healing - typically with an expiry date - because the ultimate goal is to get you to “food freedom” where you intuitively know how to eat to fuel and honour your body.


"I have greatly enjoyed being a part of the Wild Collective. I am a pretty introverted individual, but I haven't found this program to be draining.  I haven't felt any pressure to be someone I am not, this isn't a community that tries to put you in a box and then ignores you if you don't fit. I am grateful that I took the step and signed up for the Wild Collective, and I am excited for whatever comes next."


 Handouts, intentional goal setting, and other tools to help you implement what you learn. 

 Live lectures & discussions (plus recordings for you to revisit anytime). We’ll have one 2-hour class per month.

The information & tools that will help you self-advocate with health professionals

A super active, supportive community of women you can communicate with 24/7



I used to take sisterhood for granted. I was raised in a small, tight-knit town where close friendships, community, and a sense of belonging were my “normal”—until I started adulting and realized how hard it is to form deep, best-friendships as a busy grown up.

Research shows that adults take about 40-60 hours to move from an acquaintance to a casual friendship—who has that kind of time? And with everything women are asked to balance these days, it’s easier than ever to find yourself with few (or no) truly close friends, let alone a “chosen family.”

And yet, research shows that loneliness may be a bigger risk factor for your health than smoking or obesity. You could be eating ALL the veggies, working out, and even sleeping (go you!)... but how are you doing with deep conversations, connection, and play? Because those are just as important as all the rest—our culture just hasn’t modeled that for us very much.

So many of the women I treat in my practice struggle with similar health concerns, and there have been so many times I’ve thought, “You should meet so-and-so! You would totally get each other…”

Women are innately wild, passionate, creative, intelligent, and wired for community. Even with healthy relationships in your immediate family, you might still feel this yearning in your life—like something’s missing. 

In my experience, that missing piece can be found in the power of community. 

Glennon Doyle talks about what it feels like for her “truest self to be both held and free” by a community or circle of women; that’s exactly what I’m going for with The Wild Collective.

No matter what baggage you might be bringing to the idea of sisterhood—bullying, gossip, betrayals, fear of not fitting in, fear of losing people—I promise you we are all in this together. 

Sisterhood facilitates huge transformations, and I’ve seen participants in this program DO THE THING they’ve been stuck on for years—quitting a soul-sucking job, going back to school, starting a business, and more.

That’s the power of taking 2 hours a month to focus on yourself and your health. 

I hope you’ll join us in the next cohort!



I was initially drawn to The Wild Collective as I had seen all the positive experiences that others who have attended in the past took away from it. Before I started The Wild Collective I didn't know what it truly meant to connect with a community of like-minded women. Beyond my immediate circle of friends, the idea of learning about myself and exploring my divine feminine with a group of other women I hardly knew seemed foreign to me.

After the first session, it was clear that this was a place where I felt like I belonged. It didn't take long for me to be comfortable in this setting with women from so many different backgrounds. Despite any differences, we are all united in our passion for health and to live our true purpose.

As each session progresses, I have found myself forming a deeper connection with many of the women in the group. Each month, the content has been combined with the opportunity for each of us to be heard and speak in a safe place. Being able to do this has helped me tremendously because I can speak without judgment and am met with empathy.

The content in each session has been refreshing and enlightening, helping me to better understand myself from the inside out. I have been able to take many of the lessons learned and apply them to my daily life. I feel confident now that I have the right tools to stand in my power as a woman who truly understands her body and mind.

- Jen

Whether we have connected in person or virtually, I have always felt supported by our facilitator. Having a place to chat with other members in the private Facebook group has been instrumental in ensuring we can share resources with each other to further help in our journey. Without the ability to connect in person, we have successfully done a session over zoom, and I felt more comfortable and connected than ever. The power of this technology allowed us to feel like we were still in the room together. To be honest, I felt even more open and comfortable sharing from my own couch!

I have been lucky to be able to connect with many of the women outside of Wild Collective, and I truly believe there will be several lasting friendships that have come as a result of this. I truly believe it has led to my personal growth, has made me more confident and comfortable, and importantly, opened my eyes up to the shared experiences of women from all walks of life. We are all truly connected and the Wild Collective helped me see the beauty of that connection.

I cannot thank my friend who recommended I join The Wild Collective enough. I found a group of like-minded women, a safe place to share and learn and a community. As months went by, I grew closer to each and every one of them, knowing them better than some of my friends. I learned a ton of incredibly valuable knowledge about my own body and health, received validation of my emotions, feelings and experiences and I was welcomed just the way I am. It is incredibly hard to put into words how it changed my life, made me feel stronger and empowered. Gaining such knowledge and wisdom about yourself can really put you in charge of your own life. I made new friends, cleansed my life of unhealthy relationships and embarked on a journey to create a better vision of my ideal self and how to achieve that. In these challenging times, it also has not let us down. We have moved the meetings to online and we are connecting just the same, if not more. There have been amazing add-ons like free webinars to help us through all of this. Because as Wild Women, we are really in this together, making sure we lift each other up.

- Eve


The Wild Collective has given me incredible knowledge about my own body that I feel we should all know. Things I learned regarding women's health, that I feel I should have known long before 25, astonishes me! It is also so interesting to hear and understand different perspectives and experiences from other women in the group.

This group has taught me so much that I am excited to pass on to my future child. I believe it has provided me a new skill set that allows me to be a better mother (in the future), friend, sister and daughter. Truly understanding that everyone can have a different experience has allowed me to become even more empathetic.

The Wild Collective has provided me the courage to be vulnerable and have open communication regarding Women's health (men's health too). "Taboo" topics should not be so secretive and we do not need to feel that we have to hide behind our symptoms, experiences and simply, our life. Talk about the poor sleep, your vision/goals for yourself, and your menstrual cycle! Share, we all go through it! You got this!

I think it is important that we encourage everyone to fully understand women (and men's) health, be more comfortable expressing their questions and concerns and to be more empathic to all.

Join the Wild Collective to learn just that!

Bonus, Dr. Willow is fantastic - relatable, kind and so intelligent! 


This collective is just a group of women that have the same life difficulties as the rest of us. It just didn't matter, you just jump right back in. No judgments. No questions. It really summed up what this collective really is about. Women sharing their life difficulties and triumphs. Women learning new things and sharing personal stories about their bodies, their physical and mental health, and their journeys. 

I don't know any of these women personally, but sharing on zoom, has made it feel as though these are women that I have a connection with. It puts life into perspective, and you soon realize that as women, we really are all the same inside. No matter what the outside might look like to others. 

When I look back at the cost, and wondered what I would get from this, I realize now that we shouldn't put a price tag on our well being. That there is so much more to this collective than the cost. So much more.   

As I age, I have begun to realize the importance of self care and recognizing my highs and my lows in life and how to navigate them. I have a long way to go to be at my ultimate health, but this collective has taught me so much more about my mind and body, that it now feels like something has clicked. I am so glad to see some younger women doing this collective, because in my opinion, they will be so much further ahead in their journey through this life. But I have also recognized that you are never to late to learn and to change your narrative. 

I believe that this wild collective could not work without the love and attention to detail that Willow has put into it. Her knowledge, and her willingness to be just as vulnerable as the rest of us has made this a collection of women all on the same playing field. No one is better or worse than each other. Just a bunch of wild women navigating through our crazy journey we call life. 


In case you have to miss a session, the educational components of the sessions will be recorded for your group. All powerpoint presentations, session recordings, and handouts will be uploaded into a secure Google drive folder just for you and your group.  

There is no pressure to share, at. all. Although we have yet to meet a woman who didn’t love sharing (sometimes to their own surprise), we promise to foster a safe space. You don’t have to share at all if you don’t want to; there is much connection and wisdom to be gained by listening and holding the space with your sisters. Get ready to fill your cup and feel energized by the Wild Collective connection experience. 

Great question! We have designed this program to meet the needs of all connection styles. We have moments that energize the extroverts and moments that support and nourish the needs of the introverts. It is win/win.

What if I have to miss a session? 

Is this program for
extroverts & introverts?

What if I don’t
want to share?


The Wild Collective (TWC) is a community education course for women. There are no treatment recommendations, no supplement prescription, and no assessment included in the programming. We inform you on general health information so that you are able to have informed discussions with your clinician/health care providers during a scheduled appointment. The Wild Collective clearly demonstrates being a general health information program and where to go if you are looking for individualized care. Please use this link to book an appointment with me if you are seeking 1:1 care.

As an international initiative, The Wild Collective sessions have been hosted virtually and in person and there has been no compromise with regards to the connection amongst the wild women. If connection is what you crave, we have you covered. We have researched, invested, and poured our hearts into ensuring we have strategies in place so that this is a powerful dose of sisterhood.

Quick answer: No! Absolutely not.
We crave to have a diverse Collective of women of different ages, life stages, and life experiences so that we can all learn and benefit from our collective experiences. We all have something to offer. Historically, women hung out together in a Collective of all ages, where storytelling and sharing of experiences was a very important way we learned. We are just kicking it old school. We celebrate women at every age. Once you experience the magic, you’ll wonder why we ever stopped.

Does this program mean I have a doctor and patient relationship?

Is this targeted to a specific age group or health condition for women?

Is the community & connection as powerful as a virtual experience as it is as an in person experience?

Both! Patients and non-patients can join the program.

This is not a treatment program and joining The Wild Collective does not form a doctor-patient relationship with Dr. Willow.

You do NOT have to be a patient of Dr. Willow’s to join the program. This was one of her motivations for bringing
The Wild Collective to Saskatoon: another way to access her knowledge outside the 1:1 model. With a very busy practice, sometimes wait-listed, she wanted to provide women of her community with a more cost-effective way to get educated (and connected), than in a one-on-one visit.

Health care offered in the one-on-one fashion is essential for individualized care, however, lasting health transformation is achieved when we incorporate community (and it is a lot of fun!).

Education empowers you to take control of your health and commit to important diet and lifestyle changes. Education is a foundation and requisite of my 1:1 visits. This program covers everything I wish my patients knew about their bodies when they walk through my doors for the first time, in order to make the most of our time together, and to be able to make informed health care decisions.

50% Sisterhood/Connection

50% Women’s Health Curriculum

100% Reclamation of your Authentic (aka WILD) Self

Is this program for patients of Dr. Willow’s or for the public?

What is the flow of these sessions?