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Reframe on purpose coming in hot

Did you know that purpose can protect you or make you more resilient (i.e. able to withstand or recover more quickly) from stress?
“Purpose is not what we’re doing, it is who we’re being” – Alyssa Day
I love this reframe. Much like Alyssa, I have been obsessed with purpose from as young as I can remember. It always mattered to me, even as a very young child. Finding my purpose.
What was my purpose? How do I find it?
My career, I figured. Because I also can’t remember a time when I wanted my “job” in life to have anything other than to ultimately be about helping other people (or animals) and making the world a better place (I hope that didn’t make you barf).
Only in the past several years, admittedly, have I thought more about purpose outside of my career. Maybe part of this was becoming a mama. Raising good humans (kind, courageous, authentic) now seems like one of the most important things I could ever contribute to humanity.
Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do and thank-you for entrusting me with your care but I think I’ve been ignoring the BEING. Being my purpose outside of “work”, in every moment of life. Just like I want my kids to grow up knowing (& embodying) themselves on a deep level, so that they can make the right choices for themselves in life, I want that for myself and my patients, too. 
And I guess I’m just here to say, putting all this pressure on one job or aspect of your life to make you happy or fulfil your purpose seems like an obviously bad idea. 
Your purpose may have absolutely nothing to do with your job at all. I have now reframed ‘purpose’ to be about living/being your unique authentic self – in work, at home, in every moment of life. 
Let’s take the pressure off of purpose coming from any ONE specific area of our lives, because if on the other end of the spectrum it’s only motherhood for example, what happens when our kiddos leave the nest? I treat a lot of ladies feeling totally lost during this transitional phase of life, where they have all this new found free time, and begin looking internally, asking themselves: who am I outside of being a Mom? What happened to my hobbies? Who am I? What do I even like to DO?! Some people reading this are likely like, “duh”, they’ve known this all along. Kudos to you wise souls 😉
A while ago I decided I was done with buying and reading (the first ⅓) of self-improvement books. What I need is ACTION. BEING. Becoming. Like Alyssa reminded me of lately, knowing on a soul level that you are on the right path is one of the best feelings in the world.
Comment and let me know, do you feel like you’re living your purpose? 
Do you feel like you’re on the right path? 
Or do you feel lost or stuck? 
Share with me, what has helped you along this journey?
As a reminder, settling deeper into your truth, your voice, and the courage to be your authentic self is a theme in our Wild Collective monthly circle discussions. If you’re feeling stuck, consider joining our next round of this women’s health meets personal development coaching and community medicine program.

- Dr. Willow

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