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Detox is not a dirty word: dispelling misinformation.

Why is it that the word ‘detox’ has become so divisive? 

There is a lot of misinformation both for and against detoxing or ‘cleansing’ and I think some people are scared by what they don’t understand while others want a quick fix.

We can’t ignore that we are exposed to so many more harmful substances than previous generations. Air pollution, chemicals in our water, chemicals in our shampoos and deodorants, food chemicals like artificial sweeteners, flavour enhancers, preservatives, pesticides, herbicides – the list could go on.

The good thing is, our body is always detoxing on its own. Every second, every day. But that doesn’t mean it couldn’t use some help along the way. I like to think of it as a cup that can begin to overflow (when the body’s detox processes are overburdened, or simply not functioning properly –  👀constipation). 

EWG’s Skin Deep database is a resource you can use to help reduce the toxic load on your body (i.e. begin to drain the cup).

The EWG’s (Environmental Working Group) Skin Deep database has reviewed safety data on nearly 100k products from over 3000 common brands. It is available on desktop or by app, so you can check products on the go while you’re out shopping (they even have a nifty barcode scanner). You may have even noticed their logo on the front of some products, showing that they are “EWG verified,” aka safe or non-toxic by a score of “0”. The name of the game is not perfection, but swapping higher scored products out (over time) for cleaner alternatives will help reduce your overall burden. 

I typically advise patients to work on making swaps slowly over time. This isn’t about adding another stressful thing to your to-do list and throwing everything out in the trash (well, unless that feels right for you). 

Here is an example showing it doesn’t have to be about complete avoidance:

  • Many people are familiar with BPA (commonly found in plastic products and food containers) and its potential harm. BPA can mess with hormones and cause health problems, like fertility issues. For example, there is research correlating BPA with miscarriage risk if you fall in the top 25% of BPA exposure. The reality is that if you make small changes like using less plastic in your home to reduce your overall exposure, you don’t have to worry about this kind of outcome. This isn’t an all or nothing thing – it’s about reducing harm where it makes sense for your health goals, not anxiety-ridden complete elimination of all toxic exposure (which is not possible, tbh).

“Big sweeping life changes really boil down to small, everyday decisions”

  • Ali Vincent

One caveat to consider about the EWG database: : 

  • Although the EWG can be a super helpful tool, keep in mind there are many local/small businesses that wouldn’t have the funds to promote getting “EWG verified”. This is akin to how some local farmers are totally organic, but may not be able to afford the certification. 

There is so much more I want to share on this topic! If you have any follow-up questions let me know. If this topic is something that interests you, module 2 of the Wild Collective is on all things detoxification. I’ll be running this women’s group program this Fall if you’re interested check it out HERE

PS – This week’s email was prompted by someone on my list asking for and interested in learning more about this topic of clean beauty/body care and detox. Feel free to hit reply and do the same! 

Hope you have a great week!

Dr. Willow

- Dr. Willow

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