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The power of community healthcare: You are not alone.

Imagine going to attend a health-related appointment and rather than sitting in a room alone with the practitioner, you’re sitting there with other women who are struggling with the SAME health concerns.

How would that feel?

Maybe a little vulnerable or intimidating at first.

Until you hear them, one by one, begin to share similar (and yet diverse) experiences as YOUR own. 

Suddenly, you don’t feel so alone and you realize…

You’re not the only one laying in bed at night, anxiously going over the day and your never ending to-do list.

You’re not the only one frustrated by the hormonal changes (and weight loss resistance) that hits during perimenopause.

You’re not the only one struggling with confidence and your self-esteem.

You’re not the only one with excruciating periods. Or adult acne. Or having a restricted diet because of your IBS. Or “fill in the blank”. 

Hearing yourself in someone else’s story is healing. 

Visits in a 1:1 setting are crucial of course. We absolutely need 1:1, completely private conversations, with our healthcare practitioners. And to fine-tune treatment to our individual cases. 

However, the education and a large majority of plan implementation can be done in a group setting!

Did you know that research on group medicine has shown superior patient results or outcomes when compared to medicine in a 1:1 setting? This is because of the momentum, motivation, and support we get from one another when we’re striving towards goals as a group vs alone and isolated.

I’d like to encourage you to think a little bit differently about the ways you access health care. 

Definitely go to those 1:1 appointments. But where could you build in more community? Accountability? Support?

A great example of this is group exercise classes. I recently went back to a Crossfit gym, because I wasn’t using my fully stocked garage gym enough. Working out in community just hits differently for me than working out alone at home. Plus, there is the accountability of the coach and my classmates who expect me to show up to class. That, along with the money I invested in my membership, ensures that I show up for myself. 

It’s also an energy and vibes thing. (For those who have the work flexibility, do you ever go work in a coffee shop, to get inspired and vitalized by others’ energies?).

Although group medicine or coaching is becoming more popular as we see the amazing impact it can have, many haven’t dipped their toes in yet. 

So this week, consider where you can build more community into your health goals & initiatives. 

It could be as simple as getting an accountability buddy as you work towards a new health habit. Or do you have a goal of reading more fiction books as a form of self-care/hobby? Consider joining a book club. Always wanted to get a breathwork or meditation practice going but struggle to be consistent? Consider joining a weekly group!

Dr. Willow

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- Dr. Willow

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