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Do you give away your authority?

How often do you find yourself stuck because you’re unable to make a decision or take action? 🙋🏻‍♀️

Do you find yourself constantly saying, “let me check with my spouse/boss/business partner/so-and-so” or find yourself asking every single friend you have for advice on a matter? Do you mull decisions over in your mind for way too long?

If so, you may be lacking self-authority.

Although our trusted inner circle can be a helpful sounding board, make sure you’re not avoiding getting to know and trust yourself. No one knows what is best for you more than you do. 

This topic is inspired by and a paraphrase of Dr. Meghan Walker, former Naturopathic doctor, as I am currently reading her (super on point) new book called, “Impact medicine: the system that manages illness was never designed to build health”. She writes, “Indecision is a symptom of poor self-authorization. Becoming decisive is a choice that takes practice. You can consciously begin to authorise your own decisions, instead of seeking outside permission”.

This takes confidence. But before confidence, we need to have the courage to just start or try. It is okay to make mistakes, they bring growth, perspective, and often more capability (a stepping stone to confidence).

Still seek out the information and facts you need to make good, informed decisions. Fill in those gaps. Work with the coach, mentor, or health professional to help guide you and up-level your growth. But always come back to yourself and your own inner-knowing and intuition.

Of course there are times we OBVIOUSLY need to be checking in with our partner’s in business or life, but, just reflect on this: how often do you seek outside permission when truly, you don’t require it? How often do you know the answer if you’d just either admit it to yourself and have the guts to follow through on your dreams and desires?

I wanted to share this because it really resonated with me as I’ve been working towards being more decisive and I thought, maybe it could help you, too!

For more on this topic, if you didn’t catch my blog on Boundaries & Decision making, check it out here.

Thanks for being here, 

Dr. Willow

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- Dr. Willow

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