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What does it mean to cycle-sync?

Has this ever happened to you?

You start to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, grumpy and like NOTHING is okay… and then you get your period and realize your hormones were trying to tell you to slow down and rest. 

As we head into September, you might be feeling the call to settle back into the comfort of a routine. Much like the seasons, our bodies move through cycles of expansion and contraction as we move through our menstrual cycle. 

Living in alignment with your body’s cycles is a reminder that you can’t always be go, go, go.  Sometimes you need to rest or take time to reflect. 

Today I want to share some basics of cycle tracking with you – so that you can start to plan your calendar according to your body’s cycles or that of the moon if your cycle is irregular, don’t have a menstrual cycle, or you’re in postmenopause. 

Let’s start with some cycle tracking basics: 

  • Day ONE is the first day of menstruation 
  • Everyone’s body is different, tracking is the best way to learn about your cycle & body
  • Pay attention to your energy, mood, and mind through your cycle to notice trends 
  • If you don’t menstruate, you may wish use the moon cycles as your guide 
  • Some birth control methods will interfere with your menstrual cycle – if you don’t have a period each month but still feel that you are cycling, keep track of your energy through the month or use the moon as your guide

Each phase of your monthly cycle has a different quality of energy & is suited for different kinds of projects or self-care activities. 

Menstrual – New Moon
Days 1-7 

  • You may feel low energy 
  • Mind is balanced and able to reflect on the month prior, schedule time for analysis and review, think big picture (review projects, data, & results, check your vision board, financials) 
  • Take time to evaluate and plan your next month 
  • This is a great time for journaling and going inward/self reflection – reflect on how are you spending your time & who are you spending it with
  • Rest as you feel you need to 
  • Food focus – protein, fats, and low glycemic index grains & veggies, nutrient density, warming food 
  • Winter vibes

Follicular – Waxing Moon
Days 8-13 

  • You will probably feel your energy lighten & lift 
  • Start a new project or activity – a great time for new beginnings 
  • Creativity is high 
  • Naturally more social and outgoing – an ideal time for networking or giving a big presentation (or more social commitments) 
  • Exercise – will tolerate higher intensity 
  • Food focus – lighter foods like lean proteins, lots of fresh fruit and veg, to sustain this higher energy 
  • Spring vibes

Ovulation – Full Moon
Day 14-15 

  • Energy is at a peak 
  • You may feel more sexual energy in your body 
  • Put yourself out there – you are extra magnetic at this time 
  • Clear minded & creative 
  • Great time for important conversations – verbal & social brain centres turned on – pitch/sell/negotiate/etc. 
  • Summer vibes

Luteal – waning moon
Day 16-28 

  • First 1/2 of this phase – normally more energy to spend with others (in a fulfilling way), while 2nd 1/2 is better spent on taking care of yourself as energy starts to decline 
  • Take things off your plate or conclude projects from follicular phase – brain chemistry is optimized for task and detail oriented work (e.g. organization, to do lists)
  • A time for firm boundaries around where you’re spending your time otherwise you may become irritated and more easily burnt out as the menstrual phase nears 
  • You may start to feel anxiety or pre-menstrual symptoms 
  • Autumn vibes

I created a journal to support you with tracking how you feel day to day to help you feel more attuned to yourself and the natural rhythms of your body and the planet every day. 

You can sign up to get the Wild & Free journal here

We have a whole month dedicated to the ins and outs of cyclical living included in the Wild Collective Curriculum. You can learn more about that right here. 

I’d love to hear how you’re transitioning into Fall, comment below to let me know what you’ve got planned for this month. I look forward to hearing from you.

- Dr. Willow

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